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Okay, let’s recap here.

The server can be located @ port 26900 or by it’s ip here: port 26900

It has been thoroughly & globally play tested.

It will support it’s maximum recommended players @ 32 without breaking a sweat.

It is RandomGen (infinite & procedurally generated), Multi-Player, Co-Op, PVE & PVP. For now if you don’t want any combat, simply travel a few days in any direction and chances are no one will ever find you….maybe. :)

It is modded with the following additions not found on ‘vanilla’ servers:

1) Zombie spawn average is raised 25% and the total number increased from 60 to 75.

2) Airdrops are working with a ‘work around’ thanks to 7days Server Manager.

3) 50+ prefabs including suburbs instead of wastelands on the outer edge of cities (wastelands still exist just no longer surround the cities), slums in various locals, the infamous ‘The Walking Dead’ prison, a crashed airplane (shown below) and many more.

4) Recipes for Auger, Chainsaw & Nailgun.

5) GameTracker Server Stats now track individual players on our server (starting today 1/21/2015) so you can compare your stats to other players that frequent our server.

Unfortunately we were unable to add the upgradeable gas pumps or the Kevlar/Swat Flashlights mods. We might try this again in the future but for now it’s a no go.

However, we were able to add in a brand new prefab called ‘Crashed Airplane’. Which you can view a video of below.

More modifications will be forthcoming as they become available, their viability discussed and tested (a.k.a. we will try to stay away from OP stuff and mostly we want it to fit in with the already existing game play).

There is also a fairly major update to 7D2D sometime in February 2015, which should include minibikes!

So busy!

We’ve been busting it out for you the past couple weeks. Server maintenance, updates and more!

For those of you unaware, we have ALL been playing 7 Days To Die on our very own 32 slot home brewed server. small7d2dFully tested and functional. This bad boy has taken the hard knocks and kept on kicking out good server mojo.

Here are your updates:

First off, we moved the server to a better rig. Now sporting a duo core 4.1ghz with 8gb ram (up from 3.8ghz and 4gb ram).

Next, we’ve tweaked the main serverconfig.xml file to allow for slightly faster looting and crafting. We also cranked up the zombie spawn times an additional 25% and their max from 60 to 75 (max recommended without causing server lag is 80).

Then we added in 53 additional prefabs (a.k.a. explorable areas and buildings in the game) to include the infamous Walking Dead Prison, cities now sport suburbs instead of wastelands on their outskirts, slums (randomly found throughout the world) and much, much more.

Plus we added the ability to craft an Auger, Nailgun and Chainsaw (not found in your vanilla servers).

Coming soon! Upgradeable gas pumps that output working gasoline & kevlar/swat helmets will be upgradeable with flashlights!

Just in case this is your first time reading our page, the 7D2D server info is:


Our TeamSpeak info can be found in the the ‘Who’s Talking’ block on the right hand side of any page of this site.


Phew buddy! Alright regulators, mount up! We got some gaming to do!

I would like to put it out there, I tried, with as much free time as I had to add in more games to the Vault. I succeeded by about 30-40+ more games than before but gosh! We bought so many I just, simply, can’t keep up with all the new stuff going on lately in our Crue.

If someone would like to step up and help me add those games in (we have literally 100’s more, pre-purchased, full retail, steam activated games), it would shore be helpful. :) Otherwise, I’ll probably do a few here and a few there but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to catch up without another “hand” because they are just coming in to fast!

Now on to the most recent pipe feed…

miniWe’ve been playing the crap out of 7 Days To Die. A cross between, L4D2 & Minecraft (or Minecraft on crack, however you want to look at that). Survival Horror (with a stress on the word ‘survival’, this shizzle ain’t no joke) and building/creating. Still in early access but available on steam with very positive user reviews. Not to mention, UberCrue backs this bad boy up 100%.

We are lovin’ it!

[UC]Uber, [UC]James, [UC]3Fold, [UC]Grymlok (a.k.a. a_guy), [UC]Killroy, Rob (a.k.a. Adrenal), Co3ptis (Code 3 Penis), KrackManiac, Cross, Lando, Yoshi, Skateboarder (he’s new, not the one you might be thinking of) & many more (sorry, I don’t have graphite clad memory circuits, I’m sure I’m missing someone). Not to mention the random nubs that join (usually between 1-3 at any given time).

The server is Ultra-Clean. Daily restart (for flush cache and ram). Multiple daily game world saves (with admins present 6+ times a day, without admins, once every 12 hours and a full, off site, back-up once every 24). 6gb Ram, Duo Core Intel 3.8ghz. Truely dedicated too. Only windows 7 and 7 Days To Die Server are running & nothing else* on 1 rig. 150 mbit down and 25 up baby, yeah!

Feel free to join our server @ (default port or 26900)

We will eventually have a couple copies in the vault as well. So if you don’t already own one (retail 24.99$ but currently on sale until Jan 2, 2015 for $17.49) hang in there, we’ll get some extra copies eventually but be assured they’ll go fast!

More updates, mods and games coming at you asap!

*Side note, some Win 7 services are out of whack. Maybe we should wait for Win 10? ;)

ucxmasminimeLotsa’ work being done in the past few weeks. Sadly it’s the tedious part of building our community but well worth it! Web site updates, server updates, a little here and a little there with lot’s of other stuff in between.

If you check out our forums you can see some updates to our OpenSim.

Also, heaps of updates to the ‘Vault‘. Being as a lot of these were acquired in bulk, duplicates have to be painfully added in one at a time. However, all new additions should be added in by or before X-mas with a grand total of 100+ original games and counting!

Again, apologies for the down time on web site news posts but hopefully after new years, things will loosen up a bit and they can start coming in more often.

Watch the ‘Vault‘! New games added daily!

downloadHappy Thanks Giving to those of you that celebrate it. :)

Haven’t been a lot of current news being posted due to working my butt off but!

I finally had a break through with OpenSim. As it turns out I was, from the beginning, flawlessly installing it correctly. Through no fault of my own, I was using Firestorm viewer and Kokua viewer to connect to it, being as they claim they are compatible with OpenSim. This is not the case. They may have been compatible at one time but certainly not with the most current version. There may be some special way you setup your OpenSim so that it is more compatible with those viewers or you may have to be in grid mode vs. (1)

After weeks of me thinking it was due to an error in my setup/installation process. Through trial and error, tried an older viewer called Hippo. Low and behold, it connected right away. To which, I went back to the OpenSim and OSgrid (still down by the way) sites to try to find something, anything more current than Hippo (it hasn’t been updated in probably 3 years).

download (2)Eventually stumbling upon a viewer called Singularity. Which supports all the new fangled stuff like mesh & media on a prim, etc. Is also currently updated as recently as September of this year. So far as I can tell, it works flawlessly and is the viewer I recommend for connecting to our OpenSim at this time (this may change in the future, perhaps when Firestorm get’s their shit together and updated their OpenSim compatibility).

“Enough with the jargon, how do we connect already?”, You may be asking.

Easy cheesy.

1) Download and install Singularity here…


download (3)

2) After installing and on the first time running Singularity Viewer in the bottom center you will see a button that says, “GRID MANAGER”. Click that then click the “CREATE” button and fill in the 2 fields where it says “<required>” with the below information…

A) For the LOGIN URI:


B) For the Grid Name you can put anything you want but for simplicity sake name it the same name as the actual grid. In this case it is called: UberVerse.

3) Click “APPLY” then “OKAY”.

4) Now in the bottom center of your viewer above where it has the “GRID MANAGER” button you will see a drop down menu. UberVerse should already be selected, if it is not select it from the drop down menu. If you still don’t see it, you’ve messed up somewhere in the creation process so just start over until you do.

5) Once UberVerse is selected, for first time users, fill in the name/username field (this can be any name you like but you cannot undo this part so make sure you pick a name you like). If you want a first and last name (like in second life) just type your name out normally with a space in between the first and last names.

6) Now choose your password (again, for first time users you cannot undo this part).

7) And finally click the “LOGIN” button.

8) Welcome to our OpenSim!

If you have any further questions feel free to post them up in our forums or hop in our TS server (join info on right hand side of this site).

Just in case, on a side note, I know the 25th isn’t Thanks Giving day but being as it’s only 2 days away from this post & I will probably be pre-occupied the day of, I am wishing you good tidings today. :)

ucsymbol4Yes, yes. I know. Been a minute since anything has been posted up but I can assure you things are still moving forward. More purchases of Steam activated games to be added into the Vault very soon (about 50+ more). Small upgrades to our Minecraft and Freelancer servers (a small but persistent crash bug was squashed with the inclusion of daily server restarts around 2am cst). Most recently I have started work on an OpenSim and I was in a holding pattern due to OSGrid being down (raid failure?) for over 2 months now (11/14/14).

OSgrid is claiming they are working on bringing the grid back up but, being as it’s been over 2 months I am a little skeptical. Their over all monthly budget is around 1K$. They had a treasury of almost 5K$. How many staff? I think 1? Maybe 2?  The supposed data loss/failure is around 6tb of data that they have a 3rd party retrieval company ‘repairing’ or ‘extracting’ the lost data which will cost them close to 4k$? Final assessment? Not really sure there. Definitely some fuzzy stuff in there that needs to be clarified. Not to mention this data retrieval company is taking an incredibly long time to ‘fix’ it.

When you examine the forums everyone seems to be waiting on word from some guy named letwitch (who as of late only gives viable updates in IRC? Who still uses that anymore and why? IRC was cool back in the day but get in TS man! It’s got text chat too!). Twitter updates stopped in October as well. If I had brought up regions of content, having them down for OVER 2 months (whether it’s free/open source whatever or not) would simply be unacceptable.

I have decided to go with hosting our own sims independently so we don’t have to worry about 3rd party servers losing our data for months at a time. I’ll create monthly back-ups of the sims and host them on a separate computer in our home brewed U.C. data center. :) If at some point OSGrid comes back online, we may host 1 sim there with lot’s of hypergrid links back to our own shizazzle.

On a side note 3fold and myself have been working on a secret project for Youtube. As of late we have been pressed for time and opportunity. More info about that will be forth coming.

Still plenty of games being played in TeamSpeak. So don’t hesitate to hop in when you get the inkling to shoot some faces!

I also made this chart to help you all better understand what exactly I am spending most of my time on.



ucimg1As much as we’d all like to be able to spend 100% of our time playing games with you and posting up ‘latest news’ we have been inundated with back log requests for other support aspects of our site.

Believe it or not, Second Life pays for at least 80% of, it’s TS server (props to our top 2 donators [SAE]iSpider & [UC]3fold for their generous donations that have more than a few times saved our asses!) and much more. With the up coming holiday (Halloween) it’s been near overwhelming helping people with various questions about products we sell.

Not to mention, all of your support team work for free and therefore must have RL jobs that support them in their endeavors. As fate would have it, our RL jobs have all coalesced at just the moment as to give our site updates a little bad timing.

Even though the activity has dropped, this will eventually pay off. This also means when things slow down again we will have a nice little pocket of income we can dedicate to even more stuff. Free stuff specifically. :)

So hang in there, and keep on…keepin’ on. Cause we are getting back into the swing!


On a side note, check out this video of [UC]a_guy and [UC]a_dude from 8 years ago! Wow. Has it really been that long?


Dragon_Age_Origins_cover copyminiWith the impending release of Dragon Age: Inquisition just round the corner. Bio-ware/Origin is celebrating it’s franchise by releasing Dragon Age Origins for a unspecified time. DAO is an RPG with many modern aspects like morality choices, in-depth character creation & visceral death animations.

Sadly, the only real downfall to this game is you must have Origin installed to get it.

If you can’t beat’em, right?

Origin ‘On the House‘ giveaways can last anywhere from months to days, so don’t wait to get this free AAA game.


zmrlogomini[UC]DaDude says, “Overall I really liked the game. There were only a few things I didn’t like about but it was very enjoyable as a co-op game but I would imagine it would be just as cool when I am playing alone. I liked the tutorial even though it was unnecessary. I liked the character customization cause that way it’s not everyone looks the same. Good graphics for a free to play game. I didn’t like it’s one of those pay to win kind of games and the fact that as you’re sprinting you can’t diagonally move it’s just a straight line.”zmrmercs2mini

[UC]Voltage says, “Okay so the game’s PvP; I had my problems with the melee combat. Extremely irritating was the attack animations being as once you committed to attacking, you were locked into it regardless of what damage you were taking and from where. The ranged combat was just like any other games ranged combat. There was no surprises it’s just what you would expect from range. PvE was actually far more enjoyable. Endless hordes of different kinds of zmrminizombies. I liked the idea of ‘perma’ death. So if you die everyone must go on without you.”

[UC]3Fold, “First impressions before starting and while being the first one playing getting owned in PvP. Were not good. I said on multiple occasions, ‘I already hate this game’. However, once we got everyone in and in a group. It was much more enjoyable. I enjoyed the Zombie asian attack style much more than Voltage did. It was fantastic! Also the PvE did have multiple unique monsters instead of repeating the same zmrmechsminiones over and over again. They were different then what I would have expected. I did not see the Dinosaurs with the rocket launchers so I am still unhappy.

zmrzombiesmini[UC]Uber, “Overall a really solid game. I didn’t have enough time to really dig into it to find it’s nuances but one thing I didn’t like was the pay to play/win catch where you were stuck either not playing as you waited for your buddies to finish up or wondering what items you will crucially need later on that you might need to pay for. The suspense! lol. Anywho, the Asian guy was pretty funny and I really liked the variety of different classes. Definitely worth a return to play it out. Expect a solo review from me soon!”

The Verdict


The Good: Character customization. Good training element. Permanent death.

The Bad: Pay to win. Bad animations/transitions. Permanent death.