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smlogoWell, as you can see, we are trying to improve activity on the site/community as of late.

We gave some little bits like the menu and blocks a tiny update (some of them had become obsolete or broken). Sadly our 2 brother clans have become so inactive on their sites we could no longer justify linking them from our main page (sadface). One had to be disabled due to bot posts and no moderation. The other is virus infected (even though it’s developer has been notified about it’s distress nothing is being done).

It’s really no fault of their own, it takes a certain kind of clan and in some cases a single, driven individual to basically just, NEVER…GIVE…UP. :) Not everyone is that motivated toward one single thing for that long. Let’s hope they come back with renewed vigor at some point. In the mean time they are both still fairly active in our TS server. So stop in and poke them from time to time, maybe you can get them up and moving again.

Our 7D2D server (as of this post) is running flawlessly after the last maintenance schedule and server migration. Better rig, faster CPU, new network cards & new fans. Expect one more maintenance down period sometime in the next month or two being as it’s still LOUD AS F*CK. So we’re going to try switching out the remaining 4 older fans with new ones and see if that helps. It also requires a new CMOS battery which isn’t a bother so much as it will take time to ship (we have a very tiny budget, lol, so we order from China a lot).


This game is basically MineCraft in space. With lots of cool space stuff like planets and craftable ships.

Web site description – StarMade is a voxel-based 3D sandbox space shooter. Play in your own universe or on a multiplayer server to create, discover, destroy, customize, and design your own worlds.

Our server will be a 32 slot using the additional dual Xeon core we have that’s just setting around. So it should run as flawlessly as our 7D2D server.

Right now, we believe, you can get the demo version (which is more or less the full version) for free by visiting their site –

However, it will eventually be a retail game, in which case your demo/free version will no longer be usable.

If you prefer to buy it before it becomes a 30$ game, you can get it pretty cheap @ 10$ here –

Should have more info on our new SM server in the next day or 2.

That’s it for now! PEACE!

UPDATE* As of 08/15/15 @ 3:00PM CST – 32 Slot StarMade server in full effect. Connect @ this address

UPDATE* As of 08/15/15 @ 7:00PM CST – Both servers were down for about 30 minutes while we added in a new CMOS battery (unexpected earlier arrival) and made more adjustments for heat. This bad boy gets hot!

UPDATE* As of 08/15/15 @ 8:51PM CST – Both servers were down for about the past hour & 1/2 while we tweaked a whole bunch of OS settings like disabling print spooler, etc. A lot of these where causing unnecessary strain on the CPU’s & basically useless on a server rig.  Both are back up and running properly. We shouldn’t see anymore down time for a long time now, so ENJOY!

Sorry for the sporadic up and down times folks. Previously on our Dual AMD 2.7 ghz machine we had a good run but felt like it might run a bit better on a Dual Core, Dual CPU (yes thats x2 dual cores) Xeon media server rig we got in the bargain bin, friend hand me down deal. lol.

Special thanks to 3fold, James & Greysmoke for their donations (rig, HD & ram respectfully).

The server migration went well and everything was testing out nicely when things started to get hot. After closer inspection, the Xeon heat sinks where completely covered in dust and goop. Needless to say it was promptly taken down and in the process of some much needed clean up and maintenance. Server should be back up within a few hours with a much cooler & happier dual x2 CPU. :)

Also, be on the look out for our up and coming 32 slot Starmade server! More on that soon.

*UPDATE – As of 08/14/15 @ 1:20PM CST server is up and running flawlessly. Enjoy!

*UPDATE – As of 08/14/15 @ 4:21PM CST server went down for about 2 hours (prior to this update) while it had more fans switched out. All is well. Enjoy!

asiangamessmllWelcome to’s first ever, “How To” blog post.

Allow us to premise this by saying, “This is not a racist blog post.”.

Some of us simply don’t prefer ‘asian’ styled/genre games. Good examples of these are Final Fantasy, Maple Story, Hello Kitty and the list goes on…

For some more examples check out this blog post (or just google ‘asian games’):

9 Asian PC Games

Anywho, let’s get to the life blood of this post. If you would like to almost completely rid yourself of seeing them in  your steam store Que, follow these steps.

0. Make sure you are logged in under your own Steam account on the Steam website.

1. Use google chrome (most other browsers support multiple tabs but chrome does it best).

2. Go here…


3. Then using your browsers ‘open in new window’ option (or in the case of google chrome, simply middle mouse button the link).

4. Open each individual ‘sale’ pic in a different window.

5. Now, scroll down in each window and click ‘NOT INTERESTED’.

6. Close said window(s).

7. Do this for EVERY game in that list. It should take you about 5-10 minutes (or less) depending on your PC power user sk!llz.

8. Once done, these games should not show up in your store sale list unless on special discount.

9. Remember! This steam sale is for a limited time. So if you don’t follow the above mentioned steps in the sales allotted time range, you will not be able to so easily remove them from your Que. So, don’t hesitate! Get on that shizzle.

10. You’re done & you’re welcome.

featurethumbalpha12This release is also their largest one to date. Plus a whole list of other stuff which you can find here…

Mini bikes, physics and bears!

Our server @ has also been updated with the latest update and because it killed our old server manager, I had to switch to FrontRunnerTek’s server manager that has lots of new goodies your server admins can play around with to tweak our experience on the server.

The server seed had to reset due to physics updates.


didyouknowsmladDid you know? WordPress (our site content management system) updates more than weekly?

This means, you get fresh, new updates to our site up to 7 times a month.

Did you know? Our site provides the latest updates to 3 separate servers that support our community.

For TeamSpeak we offer the real time server monitor as a block on the right hand side of our site.

Did you know? Site developers and content providers have posted up 144 PAGES of content?

Did you know? Since 2013 our site has automatically deleted and banned spam bots from over 89 countries covering 1037 different types of possible infections, viruses and trojans?

Onto usual news….

Looks like Alpha 12 for 7D2D is going to be EPIC. Latest word is after reinforced concrete you can upgrade to STEAL. Oh yeah! Check more out here…

…Steel forts link…

7d2dgtsvetcsmallYeah, I know. Let’s start out with the token apology for inactivity on our site. It’s been busy for pretty much everyone and especially me.

I will try extremely hard to put forth some serious additional effort in the coming weeks/months to at least post up a little snidbit here and there until I can figure out something more substantial to point the site direction in like a new MP game or similar.

Just to touch base on some small factors of our community. I personally, am still fairly active in Second Life being as it makes a big chunk of the income we use to support our servers & web sites. If any of you are interested in getting your feet wet drop me (Uber) a line and I’ll hook you up.

APB still has a couple active members, especially Greysmoke. So if you want to hop back in or try it out for the first time, get in TS and hit him up.

GTA V, Watch Dogs & FarCry 4 are all being played by various people in our TS server and clan, so just stop in and ask around, I am sure you can find someone to play with.

Now for our bread and butter; 7 Days to Die has finalized it’s most recent Unity 5 updates so now we are looking forward to finally seeing the mini-bike. Not to mention bears, better sky domes and many other updates. Check out their dev blog here for more info….

We have a 24/7 server with the most recent updates. Just poke around the site to find it’s address or hop in our TS server and ask.

I am aware of other, no longer useful or functional aspects of our site and will update/fix these as soon as possible.

After 2 months of waiting, we have it. The shiny new updated version of 7 Days to Die. They have been telling us for almost a week now that it was coming… ” It feels like we could release about any day now, things are playing nice and it’s just little tiny things and polish mode from how things look now.” The most recent post featured the video below. See a list of new features, including what I think will impact people the most, crappier weapons in the beginning. For those of you who have the game already, we are putting up a new server now. so all your previous game experience will be wiped out. If you are reading this, it is probably already up.

I have copied and pasted a few things that have changed from the previous version.

Here’s what’s made it in so far at very high level the official release notes will likely be 5 pages long.

  • Unity 5 with a lot of most its bells and whistles working
  • Sexy new Speedtree system with brand new trees
  • New screen space ambient occlusion system gives shadowing and weight to the world
  • New global physically based shader system which looks freaking beautiful
  • New high res sky system with stars at night
  • New item quality range system that affects guns, weapons, tools and clothing; this shit is deep
  • New player leveling and leveled looting system: craft better stuff at higher levels and have better chances for better loot
  • New high res first person hands and first person animations
  • New first person procedural camera system with procedurally based physics and inertia
  • New blunderbuss gun and new primitive bow
  • New feral zombie, new burnt zombie
  • Many new locations including a huge hospital, 2 new grocery stores, a new, larger bookstore, new larger hardware store and 2 new luxury cabins to name a few
  • New random gen underground cave system, new random gen roads on hills, new random gen biome transition dithering, improved random gen rivers and a new random gen mixing xml for modding the game
  • New zombie Gore Blocks: corpses decompose into a pile which can grow and allow zombies to vault over walls. They will eventually biodegrade if left alone
  • New steam networking and server browser enhancements
  • Tons of bugs fixes, too many to name

To Read the Dev Blog click here. 7 Days to Die website.

Our Random Gen Server Address – or just look for our server in the main server list, “Undead Carnage @”

~ 3FoldUtopianDream

7dayspostminiFirst let me premise by saying, every time I post up news for the site I have a very specific format and structure that it must adhere too. I’m not just going to copy/paste up some gobbledygook that looks terrible and has no real relevance to the things we are all here to do. Such as playing games or acquiring server info.

That being said, hopefully you can understand why there aren’t more news posts more often.

Secondly, I would like to add I have been working myself to the bone at my RL job (over 60 hours last week alone). This has a tendency to suck the motivation right out of me.

As has been the case for some time, it’s just me. If just a few of you could step up and help me to occasionally add in new, community related content perhaps the site could steer clear of excessive amounts of non-activity. It’s as easy as me including you on the site as an editor. Just ask me directly in TS and I’ll be happy to hook you up.

Be advised, I will expect the same standards from you as I do from myself when you make a post. So please put at least that minimum amount of effort into your news. Otherwise, it will just be me doing this and you’ll be waiting quite a bit in-between web site updates and news as my time becomes more available. I really wish I had more time as I sincerely enjoy working on the site and other aspects of our community but I am only 1 man.

Now on to community updates and news.

Due to inactivity and lack of interest our Minecraft & Freelancer servers are no longer operational. Sadly, we had a small burst of activity on the MC server but not so much as a peep from our Freelancer server. Perhaps, the MC server was to heavily modded or the FL server was to complicated to join. Either way it doesn’t justify their continued maintenance and power usage if no one is using them. They may come back at a later date but for now to simplify things and focus more on servers/games that are being used and played, we’ve taken them down.

OpenSim server is also down but only temporarily until I can acquire a better server rig to run it. Being as it is a personal pet project of mine, I don’t foresee it ever being permanently removed from our server list. Updates in that will be forthcoming once we have more equipment and I have more time.

7 Days to Die server is 100% up and running with all previously mentioned mods and prefabs. Newer prefabs will be added once the latest iteration of the update is released. Since the release of Unity 5, all updates talked about prior to that have more or less been put on hold while the 7D2D devs focus on bringing their game up to speed with U5’s many enhancements and improvements. Such as improved GFX and faster rendering (almost a 20+% increase or more depending on the improvement). The mini-bike is still rumored to be part of the next release and that being rumored to be sometime on or after March 17, 2015. More will be posted once we get a more definitive timeline and update features from the devs.

Be prepared for a full server restart/refresh when the next update is released. Same seed, new map. Because the seed is the same the map topography will be basically the same as the last with the exception of prefab placement (this is random). This is mainly due to not being able to find new prefabs until  you reach unexplored areas of the map. Currently we have so much of the map explored you will be hard pressed to reach it’s unexplored edges. Even then, you’d have to cross your fingers and hope the random gen places the prefab in your general area (the more prefabs we have the less likely any specific one will generate, so they each have about a 5% chance of showing up).

At least 8 new UberCrue created prefabs will be added to the server in the next update from creators 3Fold, James, Cross, & Myself. Just a few examples like -Abandon Mine shaft, Cotton Plantation, Desert Safe house & Desert Church among many others.

Also, after much discussion, we have added and made public a server map for 2 very important reasons. So before  you start yelling cheat or unfair please read the reasons below.

1) 7D2D is sadly fairly rampant with hackers and cheaters. By the very nature of 7D2D early access this leaves much to be desired in the way of stopping these trolls from joining our server other than vigilant players and admins. With this server map we can view a players inventory and tell right away if they are using exploits to cheat or in some cases hacking too. Unfortunately this will not stop them completely but it will certainly reduce the over all number of them. Example: If a player has just joined the server for the first time and within 5 minutes has 1000 dog food, they are most definitely using an exploit or hack to cheat.

We have a ZERO tolerance for this type of game play and the players caught doing the above mentioned activities will be permanently banned with extreme prejudice, FOREVER. If you find someone on the server who you think is hacking or cheating please report it to an admin straight away and they will take the appropriate action.

2) RandomGen is more or less, infinite. This can make for some really HUGE maps. Since our server is both PVE & PVP it is practically impossible to locate other players in the game world without a map. Sure this can also really put a damper on other players who decide to setup base near the main spawn area but such is the price of having PVP allowed on the server. So far it’s pretty unanymous among our regular players that PVP be a part of our server.

If you prefer PVE and would rather not test your skillz against other human players it’s a simple matter of travelling several days (10 is usually a good distance) in any direction and chances are no one will be willing to walk that far to get to you but you never know! :)

View the server map here…

More updates and news will be forth coming as they become available. So keep on, keepin’ on and expect more exciting changes and improvements in the following months.

Okay, let’s recap here.

The server can be located @ port 26900 or by it’s ip here: port 26900

It has been thoroughly & globally play tested.

It will support it’s maximum recommended players @ 32 without breaking a sweat.

It is RandomGen (infinite & procedurally generated), Multi-Player, Co-Op, PVE & PVP. For now if you don’t want any combat, simply travel a few days in any direction and chances are no one will ever find you….maybe. :)

It is modded with the following additions not found on ‘vanilla’ servers:

1) Zombie spawn average is raised 25% and the total number increased from 60 to 75.

2) Airdrops are working with a ‘work around’ thanks to 7days Server Manager.

3) 50+ prefabs including suburbs instead of wastelands on the outer edge of cities (wastelands still exist just no longer surround the cities), slums in various locals, the infamous ‘The Walking Dead’ prison, a crashed airplane (shown below) and many more.

4) Recipes for Auger, Chainsaw & Nailgun.

5) GameTracker Server Stats now track individual players on our server (starting today 1/21/2015) so you can compare your stats to other players that frequent our server.

Unfortunately we were unable to add the upgradeable gas pumps or the Kevlar/Swat Flashlights mods. We might try this again in the future but for now it’s a no go.

However, we were able to add in a brand new prefab called ‘Crashed Airplane’. Which you can view a video of below.

More modifications will be forthcoming as they become available, their viability discussed and tested (a.k.a. we will try to stay away from OP stuff and mostly we want it to fit in with the already existing game play).

There is also a fairly major update to 7D2D sometime in February 2015, which should include minibikes!

So busy!

We’ve been busting it out for you the past couple weeks. Server maintenance, updates and more!

For those of you unaware, we have ALL been playing 7 Days To Die on our very own 32 slot home brewed server. small7d2dFully tested and functional. This bad boy has taken the hard knocks and kept on kicking out good server mojo.

Here are your updates:

First off, we moved the server to a better rig. Now sporting a duo core 4.1ghz with 8gb ram (up from 3.8ghz and 4gb ram).

Next, we’ve tweaked the main serverconfig.xml file to allow for slightly faster looting and crafting. We also cranked up the zombie spawn times an additional 25% and their max from 60 to 75 (max recommended without causing server lag is 80).

Then we added in 53 additional prefabs (a.k.a. explorable areas and buildings in the game) to include the infamous Walking Dead Prison, cities now sport suburbs instead of wastelands on their outskirts, slums (randomly found throughout the world) and much, much more.

Plus we added the ability to craft an Auger, Nailgun and Chainsaw (not found in your vanilla servers).

Coming soon! Upgradeable gas pumps that output working gasoline & kevlar/swat helmets will be upgradeable with flashlights!

Just in case this is your first time reading our page, the 7D2D server info is:


Our TeamSpeak info can be found in the the ‘Who’s Talking’ block on the right hand side of any page of this site.