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slsmlminiYes, yes. We know. Most of you don’t care to much for this game but some of us think it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread. So suck it up!

What do you get with a premium membership?

Well, 1st and foremost you get a free penis and/or vagina attachment! J/K! You’ll have to pay for those but Linden Labs is trying very hard to entice you with some really cool freemium stuff. Like airships! Very similar to Air Bucaneers or Guns of Icarus.airmini

Also you get a free apartment/town home/land area with about 117 prims to play around with (plenty of room for a stripper pole and a Gorean slave girl).

Not to mention the main reason, access to premium sandboxes. Most of us whom play SL, do so for the creativity part and there is nothing more frustrating than trying to build something in a public sandbox, only to be griefed by some 12 year old kid who lives in his mom’s basement. Fortunately  that kid can’t afford a premium account, therefore he isn’t allowed in the premium sandboxes.

Plus expanded support via chat/voice & exclusive activities like Magellan’s Grid Hunt or Dune Buggy Racing in Racer’s Gulch.

With your ‘stipend’ (that’s the Linden money SL pays you every week) you actually aren’t paying anything at all, you’ll receive appx. 3600$L back over the course of your quarterly premium (that’s 3 months). 3600$L is equal to about 15$ USD. Which you can spend in game or cash out, back into $$$, get your 11$ back and then some!

This offer ends Aug. 4th, 2014. So if you’ve ever even remotely considered playing this game, now is the time to get in. Just follow the link below for your 50% off SL premium discount.


walkingminiA lot of comic collectors & readers go for the more classic styled comic with actual real paper and ink. Some of the more modern readers use a Kindle, tablet, pad or similar. Either way you will need some kind of .pdf or .cbz reader. This post will cover .pdf as it’s the most common ‘reader’.

The foxit reader is free and 100% effective. You can get your free copy here…

Download The Foxit Reader @ This Link

Now onto the FREE digital comic book starter!

The popular A&E horror survival drama, “The Walking Dead” is based off a comic book series by Robert Kirkman. So if you are a “The Walking Dead” series fan, then you should be at least vaguely interested in it’s namesake and inspiration.

SPOILER ALERT! If you’ve read any of these series in their comic book forms, then you’ll know the TV series follows the comic book fairly closely until about the 2nd season or so. Then things begin to go ‘TV’ and the comic book series takes a serious plot turn away from the TV version. Either way BOTH very good entertainment if you enjoy the genre.

Without further adieu, here is your link to the free first 3 comics in “The Walking Dead”. Just scroll down near the bottom, enter your e-mail and you’re good to go!


apbupdatesv2smlThe Gamers First developers working on APB have been steadfastly working their typing fingers to the bone, updating our favorite game! Probably the most ‘game changing’ of those is the switch from the old, useless punkbuster to the new Fairfight system used by games like Battlefield 4 & Titanfall. Not only is this Fairfight system better, it’s server side. So soon we can lose the invasive punkbuster (a.k.a. uninstall it) once the change to Fairfight is made permanent (it’s currently in beta testing).

So let us rejoice! Hacktard bitches can suck a nut. APB has also released a ‘wall of shame’ listing the last 200+ accounts terminated for hacking. Check this list out, lol, some of these fools spent 8000+ hours, hacking your GG. Now they get to kick rocks.

H4x0r wall of shame

*Sigh of relief* Ahh…to relish in their anguish. Such joy. :)

Other changes are soon to come and those being an engine upgrade. Which hopefully we will see some nice improvements there.

There is also a much more in-depth explanation of the latest updates (and upcoming ones) on the APB blog.


race07smlminiThe free games are a flying this year. It’s a really good time to be a PC gamer. :)

BundleStars in conjunction with PCGamer is giving away 2 retail racing games (12$ value) plus a free2play freebie thrown in for good measure (it comes as a side bonus to owning Race07).

If you are a racing enthusiast or aficionado, this particular racing game is an officially supported WTCC game (I guess that means something to some race people somewhere, so it must be important).

Anywho, you’re getting Race07, the GTR Evolution Expansion & RaceRoom Racing Experience.  By the looks of it, these are some well thought out and very nice looking racing games (although it appears to be ‘simulation’ oriented so be prepared for a learning curve).

Just follow this link and like on twitter (or if you’ve already done this, it will ask you to share the info on Facebook). Then get your key and activate it in Steam.

So buckle up race fans!


sims2med smlIf you’re anything like most of us, we all have Steam, Uplay & Origin installed because the game developer ‘gods’ decided we can’t just use one content delivery system (a.k.a. Steam, lol) we have to use one designed for each and every major game company (i.e. EA & UbiSoft). So if you don’t have Origin, although frowned upon, we suggest you go ahead and make the jump to install the other 2 as there are bound to be upcoming deals (like free games) that you won’t be able to pass up.

…To install Origin go here…

…To install Uplay go here… (it’s the one that says PC)

Once this completely unnecessary task is done, you can play games supported by their prospective game developer.

Todays, limited time offer, is the Sims 2 – Ultimate Collection. This means you are getting the complete, retail game including ALL of the DLC, updates and add-ons for (you guessed it) FREE!

Of course you’ll have to register an account (assuming you don’t already have one) to Origin (and Uplay). Once this is done, log into your account. Go to the Origin tab (in the upper left hand corner) and select ‘REDEEM PRODUCT CODE’ then enter this code ‘I-LOVE-THE-SIMS’.

This promotion ends on 7/31/2014, so get yours quick!

More free games on there way soon, so keep checking back!

6 classic AAA games from Square Enix (normally 45$ retail) for only 1$!



Most of these games you’ve probably played but some of them you may not have and these certainly will look nice in your Steam Library. Not to mention, if you upgrade to the 15$ donation, you get a total of 15 games, among them games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Deus Ex: The Fall, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days & Lara Croft: The Guardian of Light.

If you got a buck to spare, it’s totally worth it! All games are Steam Activated.

…Follow This Link To Humble Bundle…

As a bonus, for those of you with kiddies. :) We’ve got 2 totally kid friendly retail games for FREE!

This first one is Steam activated, all you have to do is vote YES! for it to go Greenlight.

…Gurumin: Monstrous Adventure Free Here…

Next one is only recommended if you already have Origin installed (or if you feel like going through the hassle of installing it). Origin is similar to Steam and you may already have it and not know it for games like Assassins Creed or Battlefield 3 & 4. If you do (or you think it’s worth installing to get a free game for your kid) just follow this link and it’s all yours!

…Get Peggle From Origin For Free Here…

infinityrunnerthumbsdownsml1As it turns out, the ‘Most Anticipated for 2014′ recommendation for Infinity Runner was way off base. It doesn’t necessarily deserve a zero but it’s not making it past the 3 mark. Thankfully there are already a lot of Youtube bloggers out there who’ve posted up videos showing us the in-game play so we don’t have to waste our hard earned UberCrue money on trying it out.

Not usually in the habit of giving a review without actually playing the game but the video footage of the game itself looked so boring that it’s just going to get a ‘No-Go’ suggestion from UberCrue at this point.

Check out the video review below for a more in-depth review but if you’re anything like us, you’ll stop it about 2-3 minutes through. Sorry to disappoint. :(

The Verdict


The Good: It’s an indie game with an original concept.

The Bad: It’s a console port littered with bugs and in some cases unplayable.

gunmonkeyminiGun Monkeys (normally $5.99 on Steam) is a Procedurally–Generated, Physics-based, Online Death Match Platform Game. Phew! That’s a mouthful but if that doesn’t clear it up for you, try watching the game play video below.

Also includes Steam Trading Cards which you can use to garner cool in-game stuff, badges, sell on Steam Market or DONATE to UberCrue!

You may also receive an additional Gun Monkeys key for your gift inventory, to give a copy to a friend!

So get your free retail game goodness by following the link below.

If you receive a ‘Serving The Maximum Number Of Allowed Users’ error, you’ve got 5+ days to get it, just try again a bit later.