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Dragon_Age_Origins_cover copyminiWith the impending release of Dragon Age: Inquisition just round the corner. Bio-ware/Origin is celebrating it’s franchise by releasing Dragon Age Origins for a unspecified time. DAO is an RPG with many modern aspects like morality choices, in-depth character creation & visceral death animations.

Sadly, the only real downfall to this game is you must have Origin installed to get it.

If you can’t beat’em, right?

Origin ‘On the House‘ giveaways can last anywhere from months to days, so don’t wait to get this free AAA game.


miniEven though you may not have seen much posted on the front page as of late, there are plenty of new game reviews & videos to keep you busy so look around the site!

First off we have an update for those of you interested in playing on our Dark Discovery @ Server (for Freelancer). If you were having issues installing the mod before, here is a nicely packaged installer for you. All you have to do is run it and let it do it’s thing.


*NOTE! This file will probably give you a false positive with your virus scanner and/or your windows security. This is mainly due to the fact that it is a .exe file and will also create a .bat (batch) file to run as your shortcut. The above listed installation file was created, tested and virus scanned by staff. dmminiTesting was conducted via several [UC] community volunteers. There is NOTHING malicious about this file. It will only install the Discovery Freelancer modification and create a batch file that adds our server (Dark Discovery @ to your in-game server list. Tests were only done on available OS’s Windows 7 & XP but should work just fine with other Windows based OS’s.

If for some reason  you would rather forgo using our home brewed install program,  you can always take the more excruciating route and do it manually. Go here for a step by step how to manually install…


mineminiNext on our list of updates is the Minecraft server(s). We have 2 but have recently been experiencing issues with the 10 slot (the 4 slot is vanilla and hosted with our TS server hosting service that rarely goes down). Server bugs have been squashed. Some popped up during our relocation. The other issue we’ve had is our ISP has needed a hardware update for some time. Technicians were dispatched and after about a week of ‘tweeking’ our service we have finally reached a good, stable setup. Also, we have updated our 10 slot server with a DNS (Domain Name) service so we don’t have to change IP’s should our main server IP change again in the future. Although not likely, better safe than sorry. :) The new IP/DNS Domain name is . Just use that like you would any IP address when joining the server.

fbminiFinally, we have a new comment system! Yay! It’s pretty much the same as the old one with one nice little difference, you now have the choice to post your comments to facebook when you post a comment on our site! If you’re curious exactly how that works, feel free to comment on this news post. Just click the ‘LEAVE COMMENT’ link at the top.

That’s all for now. Keep checking back cause’ there is always something new coming down the pipeline @ UberCrue!

Fl_boxminiSome of you may or may not recall an epic space simulation called Freelancer. Released in 2003 and developed by the same guy making Star Citizen (supposedly the game he wanted Freelancer to be) Chris Roberts. It was eventually abandoned by Microsoft after their purchase of Digital Anvil and tossed to the curb (being as how Microsoft had much more pressing matters like buying companies and closing them down). It is well over a decade old but since it’s release into ‘abandonware‘ it has been lovingly cared for and updated via it’s online community.FL0005mini

After reminiscing with fellow clan members about how much fun we had playing this game, we decided to take a look into just what was out there and whether or not we could host a server for it.

We doggedly stuck to this dream & with a heck of a lot of research, decided to settle on Discovery mod. Oddly, most of the other available mods were only playable if you played on the developers hosted server (no option for running a server yourself) and after play testing Discovery it was deemed the best for our purposes.

Even more daunting was the actual setting up of the server. Not going into detail here but suffice it to say it was no easy task and a huge pain the arse. Ultimately though, we did it! profilemini

How can you play with us?

Just follow these 3 easy steps.

1st) Get Freelancer. There are plenty of ways to secure this game none of which I can mention here but you are all fairly internet savvy. Use your imagination, find it, download it and install it.

2nd) After installing Freelancer, download and install Discovery mod here…

..::Discovery Mod Download::..

Because Microsoft threw this game out with their garbage, so too did the global server listings disappear but thankfully, you can force it to see a particular server by editing the command/target line of the shortcut.

3rd) add:

to the command/target line of  your Discovery .exe shortcut (a.k.a. you’ll have to make a shortcut if you don’t have one, then right click, go to properties and add the above line after the “).

Your target/command line should look something like this when you’re done:

“C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Discovery Freelancer 4.87.0\EXE\Freelancer.exe”

Now next time you run your game (a.k.a.via the Discovery Freelancer shortcut with the modified command/target line) you should see our server in the main listing…

Dark Discovery @

The changes, updates and features added with Discovery mod are to numerous to list on this page but here is a brief summary…

Per the their wiki ‘overview’, ” The award-winning Discovery modification was designed as a full-scale expansion pack for Freelancer. It breathes new life into the familiar PC game by adding lots of new features without taking away the atmosphere and balance of the original. Discovery allows players to develop and explore far beyond the reaches of un-modded Freelancer, both in multiplayer and in singleplayer modes. The modification adds 97 new systems, 255 new ships, hundreds of new weapons, equipment and commodities, new factions and NPC encounters, its own storyline, and much more – everything seamlessly integrated into Freelancer universe.”

Plus ‘pimp’ your ship, player owned bases, jump drives & view distance limitations are expanded.

We are working on a more relevant wiki  which will be forthcoming. The one we are about to link you to is out of date & verified so by our own diligence.

For now, the most “current” information can be found here…

..::Discovery Mod Wiki::..

Below is our server monitor…

mcminiThis has been for some time, a major thorn in our side due to relocation & allocation of resources. Always something we’d like to have but because it is so incredibly time consuming on the first time setup & especially after a move. Now, finally…

After months of laboring on this (off and on) we have BOTH Minecraft servers running flawlessly with x2 flavors.

1 – McMMO Vanilla – 4 Slot

2 – Undead Carnage – 10 Slot

McMMO Vanilla is just that. A vanilla Minecraft server with McMMO mod (gives it more of an RPG feel but still mainly the base Minecraft game).

Undead Carnage on the other hand is HIGHLY modded. All server side with some optional client side modifications. In other words you can join it without changing anything but your version (easily done in the drop down menu of your Minecraft profile to version 1.6.4). Rather than go into detail here we already have a very nice server wiki that you can visit via our main menu at the top of this site (under GAMES) or click this link. Suffice it to say, it’s loaded with all kindsa’ awesome goodies you won’t find in normal minecraft servers. Make sure you visit the server wiki to get a better idea of what exactly changes when you play on the Undead Carnage server.

t3miniFor the next 14+ hours (as of this posting 5:00pm CST 9/22/14) get Tropico 3 for free & Steam activated from Humble Bundle!

Tropico 3 is a construction management simulation game (as well as a political simulation) with heavy emphasis on city building. As a sequel to Tropico 1 & 2, the game attempts to put the player into the shoes of “El Presidente”.

Good, bad… You’re the guy with the power to change Tropico into a paradise or a 3rd world slum.

Have fun!

…Get your copy of Tropico 3 Free! Here…


We actually gave GMG a bad review in a previous posting and we still stand by that but, free games are hard to pass up. Especially 67$+ in free games on Steam. There is a slight step by step process you must complete to garner your free games though. Rather than regurgitate it for you, here is a copy of their how-to image:

optinmedHere are the games you get:



The Eve Online key is worth 30 days of premium plus Colonist, Explorer, Industrialist & Skirmisher DLC’s (an additional $19.96 value) bringing the grand total up to $67.92 .

Remember, even if you own everyone of these games, you can still use the links as gifts for your friends. :)



spacehack2miniSpace hack is an indie sci-fi action RPG. Set on a colony ship called the ‘Maximus XV’ consisting of multiple ‘Bio-Spheres’. Apparently the ship was on it’s way to colonize some wayward planet when it was caught in a ‘gravitational anomaly’ causing the ship to go off course and release some of it’s ‘unknown species’ unexpectedly into the spheres. Most of the Terran colonists were over run and killed. A few managed to survive in the very last sphere. shmini

This is were you come in. You must get to the emergency capsule and use their powerful engines to break free from the Nebula.

And oh yeah! It’s FREE and Steam activated!

…Get Your Free Copy of Space Hack HERE…

Leprechaun-Origins-PosterminiScary as in, “The kind of fear you get right before you feel the pain of a really bad movie.”

Oh my goodness, did they look for the worst leprechaun ever?

I can only imagine the ‘politically correct’ screen casting resume requirements, “Must have bad oral hygiene, be vertically challenged, have acne (or similar condition) & not be kempt.”leprechaun-originsmini22222


Can we just end the leprechaun movies? Are there really enough people out there to keep this terrible movie franchise going?