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infinityrunnerthumbsdownsml1As it turns out, the ‘Most Anticipated for 2014′ recommendation for Infinity Runner was way off base. It doesn’t necessarily deserve a zero but it’s not making it past the 3 mark. Thankfully there are already a lot of Youtube bloggers out there who’ve posted up videos showing us the in-game play so we don’t have to waste our hard earned UberCrue money on trying it out.

Not usually in the habit of giving a review without actually playing the game but the video footage of the game itself looked so boring that it’s just going to get a ‘No-Go’ suggestion from UberCrue at this point.

Check out the video review below for a more in-depth review but if you’re anything like us, you’ll stop it about 2-3 minutes through. Sorry to disappoint. :(

The Verdict


The Good: It’s an indie game with an original concept.

The Bad: It’s a console port littered with bugs and in some cases unplayable.

gunmonkeyminiGun Monkeys (normally $5.99 on Steam) is a Procedurally–Generated, Physics-based, Online Death Match Platform Game. Phew! That’s a mouthful but if that doesn’t clear it up for you, try watching the game play video below.

Also includes Steam Trading Cards which you can use to garner cool in-game stuff, badges, sell on Steam Market or DONATE to UberCrue!

You may also receive an additional Gun Monkeys key for your gift inventory, to give a copy to a friend!

So get your free retail game goodness by following the link below.

If you receive a ‘Serving The Maximum Number Of Allowed Users’ error, you’ve got 5+ days to get it, just try again a bit later.


After much searching, we’ve compiled all the high resolution Pacific Rim Kaiju BGs we could find, touched them up a bit with some nice text and are hosting them now for you to enjoy! This set focuses on the Kaiju but if you like them (make sure to comment if you do) we’ll upload some for the Jaegers. Feel free to save any of these for your desktop backgrounds (or phones, whatever).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just right click on the image, then click ‘SAVE AS’ or alternatively you can right click then click ‘OPEN IN NEW WINDOW’.

Three excellent AAA games. Bioshock, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified & The Darkness II.

bioNow, unless you live under a rock, you should all know the story behind Bioshock. Currently in it’s 3rd iteration, this is a classic yes but totally worth 1/3 of a dollar. lol. Save the world and a little girl in the epic underwater city of Rapture. Become a ‘Big Daddy’ and crush your enemies with plazmids and a really cool drill!

xcomAlways wondered if Aliens have invaded earth? Well, they already did, over 3 decades ago. Find out how and why in this action strategy game. The Bureau: XCOM declassified.

darkEver asked yourself what it would be like to be given god like powers and possessed by a demon who’s only goal is planetary domination and human subjugation? Now’s your chance to live your fantasy! Become the vessel of pure evil, exact revenge and make those poor bastards who killed your sister pay! Also, help your inner demon reach his ultimate goal and kill as many innocent people as you can who are foolish enough to stand in your way.

Both Bioshock and The Bureau are single player only games but The Darkness II boasts multiplayer coop for up to 4 players! Totally worth a buck! So get yours today. Just follow the link below to Humble Bundles site. Unfortunately they’ll only let your get 2 bundles (if you want more than 1) but we still recommend getting an extra to gift to a buddy that can team up with you in the Darkness II.

Humble Bundle is a non-profit, for charity organization that takes the money they make from selling game bundles and gives it to charity. So you can pay your dollar with confidence knowing that 90% of it will go into some shady charity CEO’s pocket after they give 10% of your dollar to the poor people!

Don’t care about charity? Great! Neither do we (unless it’s our charity, lol). It’s only a buck!

Only like 1 of the games in this bundle? Awesome! It’s just $1.00, so gift the other 2 games to your friends or just throw them away!

Don’t have a dollar? No problem! Hop in our TeamSpeak Server and ask Uber, he’ll paypal you one!

Don’t have paypal? Don’t worry! Unplug yourself from the internet, uninstall your games and burn your PC because you shouldn’t be online anyways!

Don’t dilly dally to long though, this deal is only good for another 10 days, then it’s probably back to lame, low budget, 8 bit indie games for Humble Bundle.


greenmasmalIt is the recommendation of this gaming community that anyone who might use GreenMan Gaming, Don’t do it!

After going through the laborious process of registration, giving them our Facebook info and sorting through e-mails to verify we were presented with a ‘This Page Does Not Exist’ error.

Seriously? Your service is so awesome, your web verification link doesn’t even work? Well, if you compare that to any other business in the world, would you go to Walmart, pick out your item, go through the check out line, present your ID & fill out a form only to be told you’ll have to come back later because the lady checking your ID is currently having a bad day? We think not.

Would you put in a support ticket to verify your e-mail? We also, think not.

This says a lot about the state of their business. We don’t plan on going back, you shouldn’t either.

Now we have to figure out how to ‘not allow’ GreenMan Gaming access to our Facebook info. Joy.

bigskyboxsmlThis is an indie action space shooter, if that clarifies it for you. Includes single and multiplayer coop. Otherwise please watch the trailer below to get a better feeling for what the game is like.

Also includes Steam Trading Cards. If you don’t use them to create badges or in game items, you can sell them on Steam Market for cash to put into your steam wallet or you can donate your trading cards to UberCrue by following this link…


It normally sells for $5.99 but PC gamer is giving away free keys if you like them on twitter! So just follow the link below.

Free ‘Really Big Sky’ game steam key

dinosmallThat’s right! Get your free AAA games here!

Released in 2011, this game sports not only Dinosaurs but Nazis too. Recently updated just last month (June 2014) with a HUGE amount of extras and a DLC to boot.

Play as either the Dinosaurs or the Humans (Axis & Allies). Standard features include 7 Dinosaurs, 9 Human classes, 26 weapon types & uses the source engine (Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead, etc.).

With the updates and DLC you get the added bonus of 4 new maps, alternate weapon load outs, bot support for offline play & a brand new game mode (capture point).

So what are you waiting for? Get yours today and jump in the fun with UberCrue!

To get your free Steam Activated Key, simply follow the link below, like on Facebook, enter your e-mail (you might want to turn off your pop-up blocker too) and away you go. Hope to see you in game.

Get your free key here

This has been something we’ve been working on for a while now and I think we’ve finally got it down.

  • FIRST – Pick your mp3 files (they must be mp3) and toss them in a new, separate folder (creating one on your desktop is easiest).
  • SECOND – Start your APB up, then import your songs (the ones you placed in the new folder) via your P key (or whatever key you have setup as your music player) via the import tab/button (you’ll have to browse to your desktop to find the folder). Once the import starts it is a fairly long process so be patient.
  • THIRD – After the import is done, go to your playlist and your imported songs folder. If the items have a green check mark next to them, your good. If not, pick another song or re-download the song that it’s not recognizing from a different source. In some rare cases you will simply have to forgo using that specific song.
  • FINAL – If you’ve imported the songs, they have a green check mark and MOST IMPORTANTLY the player you want to hear your songs has that same song and they’ve imported it too (a.k.a. if the song hasn’t been imported by the other player they won’t hear it) they will hear your song. Also, if they have a song that’s close (a.k.a. same album, same artist, same song name) it will play as well it just might not be the song you intended it to be.

apbimage1smlOur best suggestion is import as many songs as you can or/also ask your fellow players what songs they are listening to and download/import those.

UberCrue will also be releasing a suggested song list via TeamSpeak (and other social outlets coming soon), in hopes of sharing some of our favorite tunes as we play APB.

Also, HIGHLY SUGGESTED, if you have songs you want shared please post up your list in our forums.


Thanks and keep watching!