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We actually gave GMG a bad review in a previous posting and we still stand by that but, free games are hard to pass up. Especially 47$+ in free games on Steam. There is a slight step by step process you must complete to garner your free games though. Rather than regurgitate it for you, here is a copy of their how-to image:

optinmedHere are the games you get:



The Eve Online key is worth 30 days of premium plus Colonist, Explorer, Industrialist & Skirmisher DLC’s (an additional $19.96 value) bringing the grand total up to $67.92 .



spacehack2miniSpace hack is an indie sci-fi action RPG. Set on a colony ship called the ‘Maximus XV’ consisting of multiple ‘Bio-Spheres’. Apparently the ship was on it’s way to colonize some wayward planet when it was caught in a ‘gravitational anomaly’ causing the ship to go off course and release some of it’s ‘unknown species’ unexpectedly into the spheres. Most of the Terran colonists were over run and killed. A few managed to survive in the very last sphere. shmini

This is were you come in. You must get to the emergency capsule and use their powerful engines to break free from the Nebula.

And oh yeah! It’s FREE and Steam activated!

…Get Your Free Copy of Space Hack HERE…

Leprechaun-Origins-PosterminiScary as in, “The kind of fear you get right before you feel the pain of a really bad movie.”

Oh my goodness, did they look for the worst leprechaun ever?

I can only imagine the ‘politically correct’ screen casting resume requirements, “Must have bad oral hygiene, be vertically challenged, have acne (or similar condition) & not be kempt.”leprechaun-originsmini22222


Can we just end the leprechaun movies? Are there really enough people out there to keep this terrible movie franchise going?


JC2SMALLThis is definitely one of the best and genre defining games ever. Also includes access to a free DLC multi-player mod where you can play with 100’s of other players (MMO?). Graphically impressive with a HUGE open sandbox world & a super fun, SOLID single player game.

Along side of the default base set MP server, many MP servers have their own rules sets & server side modifications ranging from racing, DM, CTF, RP and many more.

If you already have a copy then now would be a great time to stock up on ‘gifting‘ copies, the price of $2.99 is historically low and a steal. Get it while you can!

Buy Just Cause 2 on Steam


fff1Back in the days of Unreal Tournament Classic. Gaming communities were just starting to get the idea of what ‘mods’ can do to extend any games life span. In this case it was an old west mod called ‘Badlands‘ that UberCrue & friends spent countless hours learning how to properly shoot someone in the face with a Deringer pistol (among others). Even though it was just basic death match, we somehow felt the nostalgia associated with the wild west and as excruciating as it was to wait like 10 seconds to reload, there was something immensly satifying about watching your enemies head explode after a well placed shot with a Smith carbine. :)fff2

Now, thanks to modern technology, you can experience those feelings all over again. Fist Full of Frags has better graphics, mechanics, balance and uses the Source engine for absolutely, 100% FREE! No catches, micro-transactions, slip you the slim jim ads or even surprise buttsex! None of that. Just clean, unadulterated, old west shoot outs.

Follow this link to your local Steam trading post and pick yerself up a copy partner! Yeehaw!


unturned1min copyAre you a Minecraft fan? Well, we all know there are countless Minecraft clones floating around the web. Murder Miners, CastleMinerZ, Starmade, Blockland & the list goes on but how many are actually free? Unturned just happens to be this type of priceless game and from first impressions, looks and plays a heck of a lot better than any of those! Even Minecraft… Blasphemy you say? Nay! Not to mention it’s early access with a very thriving online community backing it up.unturned-2min copy

Besides, now that Mojang has sold out to Microsoft, Minecraft has no where to go but Lameville. Once Microsoft digs it’s grubby corporate claws into your beloved game there won’t be much left of it but a used up husk with really saggy boobs and a stretched out Va-jay-J. You probably won’t even be able to trade it for a carton of cigarettes (maybe some rolling papers and a package of Bugler but you’d be lucky). Give Unturned a try and you be the judge. After all, it won’t cost you anything but your time.


quakeliveRemember Quake? Well, unless you where raised by devote Heehaw TV show watchers & spent most of your youth in bible study, you’ve at least heard of Quake, ID, Doom, etc. All those games that opened the doors to crazy ass FPS death match and beyond. The pioneers of gaming. A few years old but still very polished and certainly worth installing is Quake Live and yes, it’s FREE!

So slap on your nail gun and let’s get to fragging!


anarchyrezAnarchy Arcade is a persistent world that, initially is pretty much empty except for a few basics. Then you add in your own games, apps, videos and more or less create a 3d ‘desktop’ that you can also share with your friends. Allowing them to join  your arcade and experience your collections or watch videos with you.

It’s indie, early access and not a game in the conventional sense but interesting enough to give a look-see especially considering the price tag. :)

Just follow the link below to get your free copy from Steam.


ucoinsmallclearAs mentioned in the previous post. UberCrue was working on setting up it’s own point/credit system to reward it’s users/members with games and other cool UberCrue vault stuff. Still in beta but very close to being finished. All that’s left is to upload the remaining games (there is already quite a selection that’s growing by the day) and probably a few more beta tweaks but you can start using them RIGHT NOW!

Also, as you can tell, we’ve renamed it to UCoin (suggested by other members in TS and agreed on as a better name for our credits/points). To learn more about UCoins, how to earn UCoins & where to spend them go here…

…About UCoins…


You can get 100 additional UCoins right away by just using this UCoin Coupon code:



Get them by joining our TeamSpeak server. Once logged in, just hop in UberCrue HQ channel and read the channel info for your coupon code.

Like US! On Twitter for 100 UCoins!

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ucupdatessmlAs our vault of game keys piles up, we are slowly integrating a point system in the site to be dubbed ‘UCreds’. These ‘credits’ can be collected by logging in daily, registering, using our TS server, posting comments, liking us on social media, donating and much more. Currently still in development but just over the horizon, UCreds will allow you to purchase in game items (like weapons or vehicles in APB), full retail Steam games from our game key collection & maybe eventually things like UberCrue gear (clothing, mousepads, etc.) and many more.

They will also be tradable between users! As well as used to promote events and contests we host throughout the year.

A lot of this is already in place & you can start collecting your UCreds right now and maybe even garner a few games! More games will be added daily (it’s slow going seeing as how there are so many!) until we have them all up there. Also credit prices & payouts may fluctuate (go up or down) as this is all still very much in beta. Feel free to comment if you have some suggestions.

The navigation bar (at the top of the site) will be doing some changing too and work is in progress for a new [UC] Header.

Even more updates are planned and support for more games will be forthcoming.

featuresupersmallPhew buddy! That’s a lot of games! All of these games are of the ‘indie’ flavor and more than a few look to have serious potential. Most of which is Murder Miners. A Minecraft flare with some thought put into the FPS aspect. Multiple multiplayer game modes (zombies too!) & vehicles. If you purchase this bundle it includes a 4 pack. Which means 1 key for you and 3 additional steam keys for you to pass out to your friends. :) Murder-Minerssml

8uLse2bsmallFor additional value your direction should turn to Project Root. A top down, sci-fi arcade shooter in an ‘open world’ that looks like it will help you waste at least a few hours of your life. :)

Being as there are so many games in this bundle, we’ve only really touched base on the top 2. Making it more than worth your $4.99. The remaining 8 games look very well polished with nice, modern graphics to add that value sheen. It’s also worth mentioning, if you have kids (or you have a kid like mind, lol) they appear to be fairly family friendly.

Gaucamelee: Gold Edition, Puddle, Wooden Sensey, Super Lemonade Factory, Space Farmers (2 pack! 1 for you and 1 for your buddy), Terror Hedron (tower defense), Kill Fun Yeah & Spy Chameleon.

A grand total of $88.00 in Steam retail keys!

…Get Bundle Stars Titanium Pack for $4.99 here…

As of this posting, this particular sale is available for 22 more days.

featurehb2vansmlThe Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Complete Pack looks to be a top down RPG Diablo-esque styled action/adventure game. Multiplayer & Coop! Also has  a bunch of cool add-ons not included with the base game. Just click the image to learn more about it.header_292x136




Next we have Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition. Turn based strategy for galactic conquest.  Sadly a single player game but certainly has plenty to offer the strategy enthusiast. Not to mention the loads of additional content  included with the ultimate edition. As mentioned before just click the associated image for more info.

header_292x136 (1)

Finally there is Deadlight. A side-scrolling platformer that looks interesting enough some of us might actually play it! lol. It’s really hard to go wrong with zombie survival horror. Make sure you check out all of these games before hand by following their prospective image links to their steam pages. header_292x136 (2)

All of these games are ONLY 1.00$ USD total (retail value of 55.00$!), if you only like one or a couple, just gift the other two or one to your friends. :)


As with almost all promotions listed on they are for a limited time ONLY.